Dream Journal

I called in sick for my restaraunt job so I could go to a job interview at the same job, and once I saw my manager she scalded me and instead of doing the interview at all I sat down with my family and ate.


Dream Journal

I joined team 10, but there were hundreds of teens in it instead of 15 and we lived in a mansion that seemed like it had been through an apocalypse, various spots throughout the mansion were on fire, columns and hand rails were broken, everything was trashed. I don’t remember the rest of the dream though

Dream Journal Entry 1

Let me say the reason I’d like to start a dream journal is because my dreams are very, very absurd and I’d like to share them because of it. 
I was in some school that didn’t seem to have school work, and for some reason we had a dirty laundry room that I was in charge of doing something in there -sorting the clothes maybe?- 

Some time goes by and this boy comes running in trying to find something, I ask what it is, he says he has a crush on a girl and he wants her bra.  I decide to help him out and he finds the bra and runs upstairs when Lexy Reed from that Disney show “Ant Farm” comes running like she senses someone touching her bra.  

She and the boy end up kissing and her bra for whatever reason turns out to be a snow globe or light bulb that broke at some point between the boy taking it, which she tries to fix.  Lexy looks at the glass shards and realizes how to fix it.  She then reaches into her breast and pulls out a water balloon, then throws the balloon into the item hoping that it won’t burst while going through the shards, then she does the same with the other breast and it is fixed.

This is either when I woke up or can’t remember any more.