Dream Journal 

(I’m not sure why this was a draft instead of being posted, I thought I posted this weeks ago)

I’m outside, not sure where but it’s a wooded area. I’m hanging out with Amy Schumer, having a good time when I hear some guys rough housing. I later notice it is my boyfriend (I’ll call him peter) and two of his friends, and I’m watching them until they go too far. They have chainsaws and one of them casually cuts Peter’s leg off and laughs hysterically. The other one does the same with his remaining leg when I come running, I grab a chainsaw and cut Peter’s friends’s bodies in half but by that time they’ve cut his arms off as well and can’t stop laughing. Both halves of their bodies fall into a body of water nearby, and their upper halves come crawling out at us, and like piranhas they start shredding in between Peter’s legs until I cut their heads off and then in half. I then lay down beside Peter worried to death and cradle his pale, almost lifeless body. I try to take him to a hospital but he says he’ll be alright like they do this all the time. I sit with my hand behind his head, kissing him until I wake up.