Dream Journal Entry 4

My boyfriend’s mother was at my house to pick me and him up.(I’ll refer to him as bf from now on to save space)  Somehow bf and I were both in the front seat sitting next to each other, and at some point his mom decided to go into a store.  We stayed in the car out of laziness and eventually the car began to roll, and it wouldn’t stop.  I tried pressing the brakes but nothing worked.  It was at that point that the car turned into a mattress, and I ended up in the driver’s seat and apparently the only way to stop the car was to drive on top of houses, jumping from house to house until we were back.  To my surprise, bf’s mom hadn’t noticed and we went on.  A few moments later we arrived at our destination and I believe this is whee that dream ended and a new began.  

My friend, who I’ll refer to as Adolf, (she was an awful person when we were friends irl) and I were messing around and saw a car go into a garage, but with the door down, as if it were going through a waterfall.  We were intrigued, and immediately knew we were ghosts for some reason.  We followed the car into the garage, but once we got inside the car was gone.  We decided to explore the rest of the house, and later found that someone was home.  It turned out to be a lady that Adolf had some legal troubles with, and we hid.  She eventually found us and shot us, killing us, but we just restrated as if we were playing a video game. This went on over and over until Adolf was permanently dead and I wasn’t.  I then lived in that house without the lady, until some legal thing came up and I was kicked out. I then moved into my uncle’s house, who then got arrested for something, and I had to move.  The next house came, something happened and I had to move.  This repeated on, until I woke up.


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