Dream Journal Entry 3

I was in an apocalypse, though everyone seemed to still be alive.  It wasn’t anything like zombies or something, it was more like the government had broken down and we had no technical rules to go by.  Eventually we were all in a sort of cult and this monster that resembled an Egyptian god was our god.  We all knew to sit in two lines so he could walk between us and scoot our chairs while chanting and raising staffs to the beat.  We all ended up in a place that resembled a lecture room, when our sort of “leader” announced there was a mistake, and that my ex, Josh, was our true god.  (A bit of back story, I went through a very cringey emo phase when I was twelve.. Josh was my boyfriend and of course also emo, and we’d take turns cutting ourselves for attention, needless to say, the very thought of him or anything associated with him makes me ball up and gag) I then noped the hell out of there.

I got home and my father had died somehow, and my step mother took a vacation to grieve.  At some point my father was found alive, and my step mother had revealed that she had “found god” (not Josh😂) and had gotten a bunch of God merch saying crap like “the truth the way and the light” and my dad and I rolled our eyes and tried to avoid her from then on.  I left to find something to do and I wandered off to a park, where suddenly I was a guy.  

Two of my friends were there and they had some redo or rewind button, so, naturally, we took turns injuring ourselves as badly as possible, each time we would ctrl+z and it’d be fixed.  One of them broke his foot, along with somehow having glass shards protruding from it, some through his bone.  The other friend just jumped from the play.. area, whatever the climbable part of a playground is with the slides and everything, and broke his leg.  I, however, had a go at it, and it hurt very badly in a numb sort of way.  Of course we no longer had the ability to ctrl+z everything so I was f*cked.  

Eventually I was healed magically and the rest is a blur, but I do remember carrying my boyfriend around like a baby and finding a still functioning post-apocalyptic preschool where there weren’t chairs and talked to the teacher about something. 
That’s all, thanks for reading, hope this was weird enough for you. 😄💕


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